Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Balancing Act

I feel that God has given me gifts and abilities to develop and use. Yet, I also am in charge of raising two beautiful children, supporting my spouse and maintaining a peaceful and orderly household. I often ask myself if I am doing what I am supposed to and if I am maintaining an appropriate balance in my life.

I just started reading a book called "Being a God Chaser and a Kid Chaser" by Tommy Tenney and Thetus Tenney. I have already been very blessed by this book, loaned to me by a fellow homeschooling mom. It is very reassuring to hear of other moms who felt called to pursue a particular ministry and at the same time raise a family. Whether it is a formal ministry or a career or business, being a mom and trying to pursue any other calling is a daunting task yet one that some of us may be called to accomplish.

Most of the tips that I have read so far mostly involve being realistic about how much ministry or other work you can accomplish when your children are very small. Many of the authors discussed the importance of seasons in a mother's life. What may seem difficult when your children are at home will become easier if you send your children to school. Many homeschooling moms have told me that as kids get older and their learning is more independent, even homeschooling moms may also have more time to devote to other passions.

Most authors also discussed the importance of fitting in small amounts of study, prayer and reflection into daily life. One mom even writes how she used her commode cleaning time for specific prayer time! Other moms suggested carving out private times early in the morning or late at night and the bathroom was even mentioned as a potential private place for prayer, reflection and study!

I have struggled with my calling to pursue my non-family passions and balancing those with the very important role of providing a loving, learning home for my family. This book has provided me with some practical solutions to my everyday balancing act even as I continue to pray of guidance in these issues.

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